Haydn's Cello Concerto in C


Students will explore all three movements of Haydn's Cello Concerto in Cculminating in a final performance of the first movement.. 

Instructor: TBA


  • Andante e Rondo ungarese by Weber (ver. Atar Arad)

  • 2nd piece: Reger

Students will explore Weber's

Andante e Rondo ungarese(Bk. 9) throughout the week, culminating in a final performance on Thursday.

Instructor: Dr. Tze-ying Wu

Bruch Concerto Group:

Students will explore all three movements of Bruch's 1st Violin Concerto, culminating in a final performance of the 3rd movement. 

Instructor: TBA

NEW! Sarasate Group:


  • Romanza Andaluza, Sarasate

  • Molto Perpetuo, Paganini

Final performance selection will be based on the readiness of either one of the pieces.

Instructor: Clarisse Atcherson

Cello Virtuosi

Viola Virtuosi

Violin Virtuosi


The Young Artistry Virtuoso Program


Our Young Artistry Virtuoso Program provides an opportunity for post-Suzuki level students to deeply explore the different facets of artistic expression with the goal of transitioning from students to artists. Student-artists in the Virtuosi Program are required to have fully learned the repertoire before the start of the institute. Throughout the five days of the Institute students will receive daily masterclass, technique class, orchestra, advanced repertoire class, and either an elective or chamber music class. 




Virtuosi Program Curriculum

VirtuosiProgram Core Classes

All advanced students will be enrolled in:

  • Master Class

  • Scales Class

  • Orchestra

  • Adv. Repertoire Class

  • One Elective or Chamber Music

  • Practice Hour

Master Classes

Master classes are daily one on one hour long semi private classes. Students will perform and work on a piece polished at a recital ready level and use that as a starting point for exploring skills to elevate thier playing both technically and musically.  


If Mr. Heifetz practiced scales everyday for an hour, so should we!

Students will develop a daily habit of practicing scales, arpeggios, double stops, and more. 


All Virtuosi students will be placed in an orchestra based on their age and teacher recommendation.

Adv. Repertoire Class

The Chamber Music Program is designed for students who are performing at a high level of fluency and reading. Chamber students receive four hour long coachings beginning Sunday afternoon and perform their pieces for the institute, friends, and family at the end of the week.  Students are put together based both on age and level and receive music in advance.  They are expected to know the music before arriving at the institute where coaching will be geared towards style, musicality, and higher level ensemble techniques. An audition video is required. Please click here for audition information.

Cost is additional.

Honors Recitals

The Honors Recitals are open, by video audition, to all students.   For more information on submitting your video, please click here.  Honors recitals are held Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 11am-12pm.  All students are expected to attend.

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Parent Talks

Join other parents in these valuable information and networking sessions with Christine Wilson Goodner, Suzuki violin teacher and author of Beyond the Music Lesson: Habits of Successful Suzuki Families.   FREE 

Elective: Pop/Rock and Improv

Rock and Pop Music is a part of every child's world in everything from movies to watching the Disney channel.  In this intro to Rock class, Avi Friedlander will explore the joys of both Rock Music and Classical music in his "Rock" interpretations of traditional Suzuki Material and Classic Rock Music. Mr. Friedlander will share some of his tricks in performing his own rock arrangements and from playing in numerous bands including his present band, String Theory Birmingham. This class will be fun for students of all ages and instruments.  Students are grouped by age and ability. 

Elective: Music History/Appreciation

Music history and appreciation is essential for string players to understand and develop as musicians.  Unlock the keys to the past and delve into the lives of the great musical composers.  Students will be placed according to level and age.  Instructor: Matt Smith

Elective: Viola for Violinists

Calling all violinists!  Have you ever wondered how it feels to play viola?  Explore the differences and similarities between viola and violin in this hands on viola for violinists class.  Violas will be provided for class time use.

Elective: Jazz & Improvisation

Jazz with Megan Shung-Smith.

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