The Advanced Suzuki Program


The Advanced Suzuki Institute provides an opportunity for advanced and advancing Suzuki and traditional students to deepen their skills, guided by an internationally acclaimed faculty in a supportive and motivational environment. Throughout the five days students will receive daily one on one guidance in master class settings along with technique classes, orchestra, advanced electives, repertoire class, and chamber music program.

The program is open to violin, viola, cello, and guitar students in Book 3 - 10 and above (Post Graduate).  An online teacher recommendation from your private teacher helps assure each student receives proper class placement. 

Non-Suzuki Students

Traditional students who have reached the requisite playing level are welcome at the Advanced Suzuki Institute. Traditional students are encouraged to study the Suzuki repertoire with their teachers so that they can fully participate in the repertoire classes. Other classes mainly focus on new repertoire and exercises for that level.


We recommend traditional students have reached the levels equal to or beyond the repertoire listed below.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Advanced Program Curriculum

Advanced Program Core Classes

All advanced students will be enrolled in:

  • Master Class

  • Technique Class

  • Orchestra

  • Repertoire Class

  • Elective

  • Chamber Music (optional, by audition)

Master Classes

Master Classes are daily (Monday-Thursday) one hour long semi-private classes. There are 3 to 4 similar level students placed in Master Class with a Master Teacher. Students will perform and work on a polished piece as a starting point for exploring skills to elevate their playing both technically and musically. Students have the opportunity to learn by observing the other students in the Master Class.

Technique Class

All students attend a technique class at their individual playing level. These classes strengthen left and right hand techniques using scales, position, and tonalization exercises as well as some Suzuki and non-Suzuki repertoire.

Orchestra/Guitar Ensemble

All students will be placed in one of our 3 orchestras (or guitar ensemble) based on their repertoire, reading level, and availability of positions. Music is sent in advanced to ensure students have time to develop orchestral and ensemble skills. Violin students who play viola as a secondary instrument may choose to play viola in Orchestra.

Repertoire Class

Students will be placed in a repertoire class where students will explore musical and technical aspects the Suzuki Repertoire.

Chamber Music

The Chamber Music Program is designed for students whoa re performing at a high level of performing and reading fluency. Chamber music students receive hour long coaching beginning on Sunday and perform their pieces at the Institute for friends and family at the end of the week (Thursday). Students are put together based both on age (age 7+) and level and receive music in advance. They are expected to know the music before arriving at the Institute where coaching will be geared towards style, musicality, and higher level small ensemble techniques. A video audition is required. Violin students who play viola as a secondary instrument may choose to play viola in Chamber Music. Please see Chamber Music Page for more information. Cost is additional $75.

Honors Recitals

The Honors Recitals are open to all students by video audition. For more information on submitting your video please see the Honors Recital Page. Honors Recitals are help Mondays, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 11:00am. All students are expected to attend.