Here is your Orchestra Music!

Assigned seating is random and designed for balance within the orchestra.  ​To maintain balance and create the best musical experience, please be sure to download your assigned part.

  • Download and print your part by clicking below.  Please be patient, these high quality PDF files may take a few moments to download.

  • Work with your private teacher to learn your part.  Arrive at camp prepared. Please be sure to know your notes and rhythms so that rehearsals can focus on exploring the musical aspects of the piece and strengthen more advanced orchestral skills.  Search YouTube for interpretations of the pieces that you like.    


  • Write in measure numbers to facilitate rehearsals.  A measure number at the beginning of the line is sufficient.   If your part already has measure numbers then you do not need to write them in.


  • Bring your music and a pencil to camp!  We will not have extra copies on hand.

Orchestra Pieces

  1. Spartacus, Brian Balmages

  2. Pavane, Faure, arr. John O'Niell

  3. Carpe Diem!, Richard Meyer