Honors Recitals


Each day, Monday - Wednesday at 11:00, students who have been selected through the audition process will perform for the entire institute. All institute participants and their families are invited to attend.


Recital participation is open to all students enrolled in the Virtuosi and Advanced Curriculum. All applicants who are interested in auditioning for a solo recital must submit, with their private teacher's approval, an audition recording of one piece or movement to be performed during the recital.  The recording must be performed with accompaniment where applicable and must be polished and memorized. Those demonstrating the highest quality of performance will be selected to perform in the Solo Recital. Video audition submissions must be submitted(Youtube link) via e-mail by June 1, 2019.

If submitting via e-mail, please follow this format:

To: ASIauditions@suzukinorcal.org

Subject: [Last name] [First name] "Honors Recital" [Instrument]

Body: [Include link]