Chamber Music 



Scholarships available for violists and cellists!

About the Program

The Chamber Music Program is designed for advanced students who are performing at a high level of fluency and reading that allows them the facility to explore more deeply the adventures and complexities of standard quartets and trios. Larger ensembles of up to 8 students may also be created to accommodate students. This largely depends on the number of viola/cello students we have available.


Students receive daily, one hour coachings, with a member of the VERONA QUARTET beginning Sunday afternoon.  All students receive music geared towards their personal level prior to arriving at camp. They are expected to know the music before arriving at the institute where coaching will be focused on style, musicality, and higher level ensemble skills. Daily coaching culminates in a final performance at the end of the week on Thursday.

We'd love to give every student who attends our institute to have this wonderful opportunity of participating in our chamber music program. Please give the audition excerpts their due diligence and spend a good amount of time both at home and with your teacher in preparation for the video recording. Please pay careful attention your intonation, rhythm, tempo and dynamics. 

Audition Videos

Students must submit an audition video before June 1st, 2019, playing the given excerpts. Video, only. Not all students will be accepted. Applicants will be notified of decisions no later than June 29th. All decisions are final.


Videos may be submitted during registration (by providing a YouTube link) or submitted separately after registration via e-mail.


If submitting via e-mail, please use this format:


Subject: [Last name] [First name] "Chamber" [Instrument]

Body: [include link(s)]






Students should be at the level of:

-Bk. 7 for violin

-Bk. 6 for viola

-Bk. 5 for cello

Age: 12+

***Not open to students in Young Siblings Program.


Excerpts taken from Mozart's "Hunt" Quartet
Students will be evaluated on:
  • Style - All staccato notes should come off the string.
  • Rhythm - Please count all rests.
  • Leadership - Breathe and Cue before each entrance.
  • Intonation
  • Dynamics
  • Tone quality
  • Tempo 
Dotted Quarter = 65(minimum)