The Advanced Suzuki Institute is a summer institute for advanced and advancing musicians.  Former Suzuki students at concerto level, post graduate Suzuki students and non-Suzuki students at concerto levels (high school age and below) are also welcome.  World renowned faculty include several Suzuki teacher trainers and university level instructors. 




students under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.























3 Student Programs

Virtuosi Program

Suzuki Violin books 9+

Suzuki Viola books 8+ 

Suzuki Cello books 9+

Designed for post-Suzuki students.


Core classes + Chamber or Elective.

*Honors Recital eligible.

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Advanced Program

Suzuki Violin books 4-8

Suzuki Viola books 4-7 

Suzuki Cello books 3-8 

Core classes + Chamber or Elective.

*Honors Recital eligible.

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Young Siblings

Suzuki Violin books 2-3

Suzuki Viola books 2-3 

Only for students who are younger siblings of our Virtuosi/Advanced programs.

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Evening Concerts and Special Events


All concerts and events are included with tuition and free for students, family members and Suzuki Music Association of California, Suzuki Association of Northern California "teacher" and "family members"

Opening Concert

August 04, 2019

ASI celebrates its 40th anniversary with a special opening concert by guest violinist, Nigel Armstrong. 

As soloist Nigel has performed with orchestras such as the Dusseldorf Symphony, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, YOA Orchestra of the Americas, and the Boston Pops, and with conductors including Sir Neville Marriner and Carlos Miguel Prieto. He received the 2nd Prize, the Ole Bull Prize, and the Nordheim Award at the 2010 Menuhin Competition Senior Division in Oslo, Norway, and got the 4th Prize plus the Prize for the Best Performance of the Commissioned Work (STOMP, by John Corigliano) at the XIV International Tchaikovsky Competition.

Sunday, August 4th Time TBA

Masterclass with Nigel Armstrong

August 04, 2019

Public Masterclass with violinist, Nigel Armstrong. 

Violin students who are auditioning for the Honors Recital may be asked to participate. 


Viewing open to public.

Sunday, August 4th Time TBA

Liberated Performer Coaching

August 07, 2017

Do you get nervous at auditions or concerts and want to learn how to conquer your stage fright? Coach Patrick Galvin discusses and demonstrates the causes, effects, and solutions to defeating music performance anxiety. Learn how to perform confidently, to your full potential and enjoy the stage in this efficient and effective workshop. Liberated Performer is an international program that currently helps a wide variety of musicians ranging from teenagers to professionals in The New York Philharmonic. Let's perform fearlessly!


Monday, August 6th

Patrick Galvin, Violinist and Coach

Instrument Purchasing Guide

August 05, 2019

Are you in the market for your first instrument purchase? Are you wondering how much you should spend? Are you confused about how price reflects the quality of an instrument? What about bows?

A representative from Kamimoto will present us with answers to all of the above questions to help you in your search to find your perfect instrument.

Sunday, August 5th Time TBA

Kamimoto String Instruments

Tuesday Evening Concert

August 06, 2019

Chamber Concert - The Verona Quartet

The Verona Quartet’s “thoughtful, impressive” performances (Cleveland Classical) spring from the spirit and power of storytelling. The quartet believes that the essence of storytelling transcends genre and so the name "Verona" pays tribute to William Shakespeare, one of the greatest storytellers of all time.

Tuesday, August 6th 

The Verona Quartet

Parent Talk Series

August 07, 2019

"How do I get my child to practice?!" said every parent, ever. 

It's the universal struggle of all parents. Join us in discussions facilitated by our faculty members. Diverse topics will be presented.

Everyday, August 4-8

Parents and Faculty

Final Concert

August 08, 2019

Orchestras and rep classes perform their polished pieces!

Thursday, August 8th 

Faculty and Students

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